Outdoor Zeeland 16 april 2022  (Goes)

Keurmeester: Berri Beare (IE)


Jeugdklas Reuen

Delivano's Presents to You Kumbah                          Eig: Stephanie Hebing (NL)

14 months old. Correct bite. Good underjaw. Ballanced head. Sammy smile. Beautiful coat. Moves and handled perfectly.  1 U


Solis Aurora Final Countdown                                   Eig: Alice Buijs (NL)

15 months old. Nice masculine dog. Good outline. Needs to settle for examination. Moves very well. Needs ringtraining.  2 ZG


Openklas Reuen

Delivano's Presents to You el Zorro                          Eig: Jennifer (Penner NL)

2 years and nine months. Good head and nice eyeshape. Correct bite and underjaw. Shoulder, neck and topine are correct. He is a little beefy. Moves and handled well.  1 ZG


Puppyklas Teven

Delivano's Presents To You Mon Ami                       Eig: Marion Kuppens (NL)

8 month. Feminine head. Nice shaped eyes. Good shoulder, topline, depth of chest, tailset and hocks. She has puppy fat. Okay for now. Needs no more weight.  1 VB Beste pup


Jeugdklas Teven

At First Sight Makaris Home                                     Eig: John Hakkens (NL)

15 months. Feminine head. Clear eyes. Correct bite and underjaw. In good coat. Tailset and rear are correct. Good hocks. Moved and handled well.  3 U


Binoche Delivano's                                                    Eig: Ilona van Oorschot (NL)

11 months. Feminine head. Correct stop. Correct bite and underjaw. Good Earset and carriage. Nice square outline. Covered ground well.  1 U Res CAC


Delivano's Presents to You Kea-lynn                         Eig: Marion Kuppens (NL)

14 months. Nice feminine head. Good earset. Good ite and underjaw. Front, shoulder, depth o front good. Good waistline and good hocks.covered ground well. Handled well.  2 U


Tussenklas Teven

Delivano's Presents to You in Spirit                           Eig: Marion Kuppens (NL)

21 months. Nice feminine head. Good earset. Good siscorbite. Corect shoulderplacement and opperarm and pastern. Good depth of chest. Correct waistline. Tailset and rear are good. Good hocks. Covered the ground well. Handled well.  1 U CAC BOB


Taigaro Power Of Love Danu                                    Eig: Anca Molenaar (NL)



Openklas Teven

Brilliant Blossom Of Severnaya-sam                        Eig: Craig Jenkinson (NL)

26 months. She is such a beautiul dog. Ballanced. Correct head. Good shoulders. Can not be handled today. She is a little apprehentive today. She allows it the second time round  2 U


Delivano's Presents to You Gold Kiss                        Eig: Ilona van Oorschot (NL)

26 maanden. Nicely ballanced. Good eyeshape. Correct bite. Well layed shoulder. Opperarm, patern, and rear quaters correct. Good hocks and feet. Move with ease and handled well.  1 U